Animal Designs

Animal Designs by Awa Tsireh – Artifact Puzzles – 105 pieces

Isn’t this an interesting puzzle? It’s certainly not the usual image that I go for, but there was something compelling about it, and I kept going back to it on the website. You know me, I hate for a puzzle to be without a home. 😉 It was by no means an easy puzzle, but I loved falling into that wonderful headspace where all you can think about is the image and the shapes – it’s meditative and lovely.

Wonderful quality Ecru puzzle from Artifact; their Ecru line of puzzles has a closer cut (less obvious piece shapes in the finished image) and a matte finish to reduce glare. Artifact Puzzles have a special place in my heart, my very first wooden puzzle was one of theirs and I still take it out and assemble it every now and again – it was and still is perfectly lovely!

There were only three whimsy pieces in this puzzle, they’re reminiscent of the animal designs in the image. It’s the perfect place to start working, as the pieces that surround them are the easiest to find. There weren’t many colors in this image, and the ones they used were repeated all throughout; but at only 105 pieces it wasn’t too terrible or time-consuming.

I did enjoy the challenge though, and the mini-hexagon pieces made it even more interesting to put together. An excellent puzzle all around, and I’m looking forward to assembling it again. 💗

8 thoughts on “Animal Designs

  1. Diane

    Artifact was my first wooden puzzle too! (Farmland; art by Karla Gerard; puzzle design by Tara Flannery). Both the artist and the designer continue to be among my favorites as I ramp up my wooden puzzle consumption. I am now a member of Artifact’s Hoefnagel Puzzle Club as a way to keep the cost of my PADS to a dull roar 😉
    Last weekend I took some wooden puzzles to the Artifact location that is just down the road from me. The Puzzle Club will buy wooden puzzles; it is a way for me to thin the herd, and keep my Puzzle Club account full of $$. While there, I got to take a TOUR!
    I always liked those Mr Rogers shows where he goes to a factory to see how something is made – the toothpaste factory sticks in my mind. But a PUZZLE factory!!! I think I’d still be there if they had not had to get back to work. There are other puzzle companies that manufacture in the U.S. – Buffalo and New York Puzzle come to mind. Would love to tour those big ones.

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