Vintage Atlas

Vintage Atlas – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

My apologies for the picture, it isn’t one of my best. Some days I just can’t seem to get it together and this day was one of them. Wonky picture aside, this was an excellent puzzle that was loads of fun to assemble and I highly recommend it.

Great quality, probably the best Re-marks puzzle that I’ve assembled in a very long time. The reproduction is stellar – even very small details are sharp and visible. The fit was very good and the nice variety of shapes made for an interesting assembly. Overall, this puzzle was very impressive.

There’s something about this illustration of a Hawaiian island; the people shown and all of their activities made it easy to sort and very entertaining to put together.

There’s something calming about this image – and the color scheme was quite easy to pick out too. (Also, shout out to my international puzzle pal from Finland! 😎)

This old map image of the “cittie” of London was one of the first sections I assembled. It wasn’t overly easy but looks amazing.

Vintage Atlas was a great puzzle – and if it looks like something you’d enjoy I highly recommend it. 🧩💚

5 thoughts on “Vintage Atlas

  1. Deb

    I also did this puzzle and I found The Cittie of London area the hardest part. About the photo – I also take a pic of every puzzle I assemble and this one just didn’t photograph very well for me either. Hard to get a clear distinct image. But I did really enjoy it!

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