What I’m working on…

Typefaces by Hugo Maciel – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

This very interesting and challenging image just grabbed me when I first saw it, and it’s going together really well. The artwork is very different – it almost looks as though it was done with a crayon! Still, I love a challenge, and a puzzle that is outside of the norm as well. It oughta be fun. 😉

4 thoughts on “What I’m working on…

  1. Diane

    Wonderfully weird!
    Which one is you? I relate most to #9 in happy oblivion in my garden, until I’m #10 being hit with some sort of blast from one of my kids (20yr old daughter thinking maybe she would buy a van and travel around the country by herself – oh not by herself – she would have her dog to protect her!). Then I am also #17 – I can just hear him saying “spare me the BS”

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