Quilt Country

Quilt Country by Lena – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Beautiful, bright, colorful, and interesting – it made for a fantastic puzzle, and a fantastic puzzling experience! Hubby helped out with the border, even though I was trying to get away from him for a few minutes and puzzle alone with my music and my thoughts. Sigh.

This was a MasterPieces linen puzzle, and it was very good quality. Thick and sturdy pieces, very good fit, nice variety of shapes and beautiful reproduction. Only issue was that the pieces didn’t sit flat – in many places parts were slightly raised compared to surrounding ones.

There was a small blurb about the artist on the back of the box, and I was surprised to learn that Lena is a young Ukrainian illustrator and concept artist who produces a wide spectrum of art in differing styles including illustrations for films, games and advertising (in addition to her beautiful artwork shown here).

Of course you know I couldn’t resist this adorable little puppy. ❤

I didn’t notice it at all when I looked at the box cover, or when I was sorting – even the inside of the barn has quilts everywhere – including the ceiling!

I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but it’s beautiful. The colors are amazing!

What’s In Progress?

The Quiltmaker Lady by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

For me, this is what’s happening on my board. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve assembled a Charles Wysocki image – June of 2020 was the last time I worked on one! It’s going well, and I’m enjoying myself; you know I can’t resist an image with quilts. 🧵💜

So what is everyone else working on? Any awesome puzzles you’d like to share? I’m always in the mood to see beautiful, interesting, or just entertaining looking puzzles. Got a link to the puzzle image I can check out?

I’m feeling the need for some retail therapy and I’m looking for some suggestions. (Don’t worry about enabling my PADS, I’ll be buying puzzles with or without your help – just looking for some potentially great puzzles I might have missed!)

Shopping for puzzles doesn’t solve any real world problems for me, but it takes my mind off things for a while – and if I’ve done it right in the end there are new puzzles on the way to my house! 🧩🏡

Seaside Sunshine

Seaside Sunshine by Nancy Wernersbach – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

Sorry about the cockeyed picture, apparently I was having balance issues the morning I took this picture. I started working on this puzzle on Halloween, and finished it up the next morning; perhaps it was a candy hangover – that’s why I couldn’t hold my camera straight. I was coming out of my sugar coma!😉

It was so nice to get back to Ravensburger quality; the feel of the pieces, the wonderful click when they fit perfectly, the matte finish. Just a great quality puzzle with a beautiful image. This puzzle has been in my to-do pile for several years, and now I’m trying to figure out why I waited so long – it was so entertaining!

You all know I love a quilt puzzle -and this one had two of them – such lovely colors!

Reconciliation Quilt

Reconciliation Quilt by Lucinda Ward Honstain – Pomegranate – 300 pieces

Long time readers know I love a puzzle with quilts, and this is an image of just one very old quilt – and a busy one at that. It was pretty difficult for only 300 pieces, and for some reason I decided to make it harder on myself by putting the box away and working without an image. Wow.

Yep, that about covers it. Just…..wow.

The quality of Pomegranate puzzles is exceptional, and I found myself absentmindedly rubbing my thumb over the pieces as I contemplated where they should go. The hand feel is so nice that I couldn’t help myself! The fit was excellent, everything was as it should be – which is quite rare in a puzzle these days.

There’s a whole blurb on the back on the box about this quilt, it’s maker, and the museum where it now resides. “This forty block quilt depicts scenes of domestic life and public events in the 1860s. There are two blocks that celebrate what she (the quilter) viewed as significant reconciliatory events in postbellum America: the freeing of former Confederate president Jefferson Davis and the granting of suffrage to freed slaves.” The story behind the quilt is one of the reasons it is so valuable, and rare.

This quilt is considered one of the rarest in the world, and was the most expensive quilt ever sold at auction in America. It was purchased by private collectors for $264,000 in 1991; and the couple who purchased it eventually donated their collection of over 1000 quilts to the University of Nebraska. It’s an amazing piece of history, and a beautiful example of the form of art that many women used to express themselves.

Look at the different fabrics, the pattern – the amount of work that went into just a single quilt block is amazing to me. And this was done in the 1860’s! Imagine the time it took for just one section. On one hand there were no “electronic” distractions, after all the work was done for the day what else was there to do? On the other hand, I imagine it must have been difficult to work on things like quilting at the end of the day – by candlelight. One of the blocks has “Done Nov. the 18, 1867” embroidered into it; if that is when the entire quilt was finished, it was more than two and half years after the end of the civil war.

Check out the detail here, it’s amazing. What people can do with just imagination, a few simple tools and their hands sometimes astounds me. Truly.

This is a fantastic puzzle, with an interesting image that is challenging to assemble, but completely worth it. It would be a wonderfully entertaining 1000 piece puzzle!


Quilts – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

Quilt puzzles make me happy, and this image was different than the norm. A stack of folded quilts doesn’t sound like an interesting image, but put them in the right order and it’s a beautiful little piece of artwork.

Cobble Hill puzzles are very good quality, and although I enjoy all of the different sizes and piece counts, their puzzles with large pieces are highly entertaining for me. Thankfully they are not a company that has only one piece shape, and are one of the few companies that use a truly random cut that makes an otherwise simplistic image more engaging.

I loved this puzzle from the first piece to the last, and would definitely recommend it. 💜