Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts (Villainous) – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Loved this one, and a special thanks to Penny for letting me borrow it. It’ll be on it’s way back to you in the next swap box that goes out. And I may take you up on your offer to borrow more of the Villainous puzzles, this was great fun! 💛

Excellent Ravensburger quality, and a super fun image to assemble made this more entertaining than I’d hoped. It’s dark along the sides, but once you get down to the last pieces it isn’t difficult at all to find what goes where.

This was the very first thing I assembled after the border was completed – you know how I love words.

The characters moving across several pictures made it more interesting, and the reproduction was stellar. I absolutely loved this puzzle!

Except for the border; the border sucked. But I’m going to let that slide because the rest of it was great fun.

11 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts

  1. beth@name.com

    The border does look very tedious/difficult especially since there aren’t any color clues on the knobs of the pieces. Sometimes assembling borders can become less tricky when there are bits of color clues on the knobs that connect into the image, you know what I mean?

    I’m not a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but that image does look like it would be very fun to put together.

    P.S. I saw an Ursula (the octopus villain from The Little Mermaid) villain puzzle by Ravensburger at my local Target, yours may have that one or another one 😉

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      1. Beth

        Sorry (not sorry) about that 🤣

        If and when you go to Target I do hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I was very impressed with the quantity of puzzles, brands, and prices at my local store.

        As for your PADS, that post is hilarious and so true. I think I have a case of PADS too!

        The other day I was at the computer, checking on our Amazon tracking info, and I heard the thunk of a car door outside… I looked out the window and it was the Amazon delivery van. Hurray!!!

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  2. Beth

    “Unusual Animals by Allison Strine – Buffalo – 500 pieces, I knew this would be a fun puzzle the moment I saw it – and it was! Great informational and entertaining image by Allison Strine. If there are more puzzles of hers like this out there then I’m definitely in. Loved it!”

    There are definitely a few others on the Buffalo website 🙂

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