Great American Novels

Great American Novels – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

Not great quality – not bad either – but I had a good time regardless. To be honest I wish there had been less books and more pieces for each one – it would have made it more challenging, which is what I would have liked. Collages like this are almost like working on many mini puzzles all connected, and it would have been more entertaining for me if there had been more to each little mini puzzle.

This puzzle had a very loose fit, but thankfully it had the paper backing that I prefer – so that was a bonus. Re-marks has become another White Mountain for me, in that I am not always happy with the quality but I put up with it because of the great collage images to choose from.

This book was one of my favorites from my youth. I adored it and reread it several times.

My favorite book of all time, and I have read it too many times to count. Once I saw the movie, it became my favorite movie as well.

I consider myself an intelligent person, but out of the 50 Great American Novels shown here I’ve only read 13 of them. I’m not always a fan of the “classics” and don’t read books just because everyone else is reading them or some reviewer says I should. I like what I like.

Although a book may be a “classic” that doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it, and if it feels like work slogging through reading them then it isn’t worth it. I’ve read my share of classics or great American novels, but it’s better if they’re read because they look interesting – not just because I’m supposed to want to read them.

14 thoughts on “Great American Novels

  1. Deb

    As a readaholic I love this puzzle. I too have read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn several times. I believe I was 15 when I first read it. Too many schools have banned Mockingbird but I wish they could understand the era in which they were written. Okay, off my soapbox! Every summer I read a classic and this year it’s going to be Lonesome Dove.
    Great post combining two of my favorite pastimes!

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  2. Beth

    Oh A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my fave books too! I still have my childhood copy but needed to get the ebook was my childhood copy was falling apart a bit from being re-read so many times.

    My husband got me this puzzle for my birthday one year because ATGIB was part of the collage 🙂

    I know I mentioned this somewhere else, but for some reason the book-themed collage puzzles by Re-marks are a bit easier to assemble than their other collage images. I agree that less books would have made for a more challenging puzzling experience.

    I’m embarrassed to say I have never read To Kill a Mockingbird!

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      1. Beth

        I saw the black & white movie once a long, long time ago. I remember liking it. But I’m one of those the book is always better than the movie kind of people so I don’t think I would go out of my way to watch it again.

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