Working on….

I’m working on laying out all the pieces of my next puzzle. I’d put an image on the homepage, but the puzzle is so old that there’s no image online that I can find. I could take a picture of the box and put it up, but it is pretty damaged (thrift store puzzle) so it wouldn’t work very well or look very good.

You’ll be surprised to hear that it’s a Ceaco puzzle – from the mid 90s. I think it’ll be pretty when it’s finished, and I’m interested to see if the quality was any better back then, at least as far as the fit is concerned. The piece shapes are quite different than their usual grid cut shapes; so it may be, at the very least, a more interesting assembly. They’re about the same thickness, but the board seems much sturdier than the average Ceaco puzzle I’ve worked with before. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out.

I’m hoping you all are working on beautiful, interesting, or entertaining puzzles at the moment – and hopefully no duds or bad quality.

Happy puzzling! 🧩💜

5 thoughts on “Working on….

  1. Beth

    Well I’m intrigued and I’ll have to check your 2022 tab in a few days to see if you’ve completed it. It’s nice that the board is sturdier and the piece shapes are different — hopefully that (along with a nice fit) will help contribute to a lovely puzzling experience.

    I’m working on this one. It is much trickier than I anticipated but I’m still having a good time, which isn’t hard to do since the image is hilarious!!

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      1. Beth

        I find “painterly” puzzles hard, especially when compared to a photographic puzzle of any kind. When you pick up a painterly puzzle piece, it’s not always easy/obvious as to what part of the puzzle it goes too. The name Judy Koenig shouldn’t sound familar to me but it does. Strange. Looks like she had a line/collection of Keepsake puzzles for Ceaco. That image below is from ebay

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