Tour the States

Tour the States by Craighton Berman – Buffalo – 300 pieces

This puzzle was very quick for someone who knows the geography of the US, if you know where the state is you know where the piece goes. I’m certain if there was a map of another continent I don’t know as well as North America it wouldn’t have been as quick to go together. I loved the bright colors and excellent quality.

The northeast was the hardest to memorize when we were learning all the states in school, at least it was for me. All those little states up there took the most time to commit to memory.

Ok, I understand the gator and Louisiana, it’s swampy and perfect for alligators. But why in the world is it eating a banana? Am I missing something?

I’d never heard of the “hit” YouTube video until I put this puzzle together. Honestly, I haven’t looked it up to watch it either but it must have been quite popular to turn into an online store and have a puzzle made up from this image. Have any of you heard of this before?

6 thoughts on “Tour the States

  1. Deb

    I haven’t heard of it either but I’m checking it out later! I’ve done several USA map puzzles. My favorite was a 1000 piece Mudpuppy puzzle. The colors are vibrant with the oceans a beautiful teal. The icons in each state are cute with an artsy flair. I also have a world puzzle by them. The oceans are black but that really highlights the colorful countries.

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  2. Deb

    Ok I watched it. In the video the alligator is near the banana but not eating it. The lyrics to that part are :

    I’ll be eating a banana in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Schedule that on my planner.

    Clever lyrics throughout the song.

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