Tropical – Re-marks – 500 pieces

This is such a great image for a puzzle, it would be even more fun in a larger piece count if you ask me. I had a wonderful time putting it together even with the (unfortunately) less than optimal quality.

I haven’t been having a lot of luck with Re-marks these days. I hope they haven’t gone totally downhill while trying to keep up with the increased demand that the pandemic has brought on. This puzzle had the old style chipboard, but must have been cut near the end of the run – there was a TON of puzzle dust and super loose fit. Truly annoying.

I still love the image though, it was great for puzzling!

8 thoughts on “Tropical

  1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

    Oh dear. Remarks is (was??) one of my favorite brands although I haven’t bought any of their puzzles in a long while with the exception of the Umbrella/Rainy-Day puzzle a few weeks ago, which is still sealed in the box. I do hope my puzzle is of a good quality — I’ve only had one “dud” Re-marks puzzle and it had a very loose fit and squishy (I think you’ve used the word spongey) feeling pieces. The only puzzle company I’ve ever contacted with quality issues has been White Mountain Puzzles. I hope I won’t end up needing to contact Re-marks, mainly because I don’t know what their customer service will be like and how they would resolve such an issue. I was planning to do the Umbrella puzzle later rather than sooner but I might need to do the opposite.

    For me, the Tropical puzzle image would be too challenging as a 1000 piece puzzle, mostly due to the abstract designs and the fact that some of the creatures (like the two hummingbird’s heads and breasts) have their bodies of different but same colored squares.

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