Love Coffee

Love Coffee – Cra-Z-Art – 300 pieces

I was in the mood for a quick collage, and this beautiful 300 piece fit the bill just right! And as a coffee lover, of course the image spoke to me – gotta have my coffee in the mornings. ☕

The quality of this Cra-Z-Art puzzle had me pleasantly surprised. Excellent fit, beautiful image reproduction, good variety of shapes, and sturdy chipboard – all of these were better than I’d assumed they’d be. Don’t you love it when things are better than you thought? I do!

This was my favorite section, the hands cupping the mug make almost a heart. LOVE me some coffee! Black with two sugars please. 🖤

I love being able to do this with a puzzle. And I was so sure of this fit that I took this picture BEFORE I took any other pictures. I knew it wouldn’t fall apart, so there was no fear at all – I just picked it up and stood it on it’s bottom edge. That is not how things usually go, I always take my regular pictures before standing up a puzzle, just in case things go pear-shaped. The fit on this puzzle was exceptional!

4 thoughts on “Love Coffee

  1. Deb

    I did that same puzzle last summer – one of my dollar store finds! But I don’t remember such a good fit. I remember it as frustratingly loose. But for $1 it was fun and I loved all the different pictures!

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  2. Sandra

    When I was first introduced to coffee as a young adult, I lived outside NYC and “regular” coffee was half a meal: lots of sugar and milk! I still love a sweetened latte, but if it’s just coffee, make mine black with a little sugar too.

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