2037 Calories

2037 Calories – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

They’re baaaack! The bathroom puzzles have at last made a reappearance! When I started puzzling again last month I re-read the entirety of this blog to help me get back my puzzle mojo. When I started reading about my self-titled “bathroom puzzles” it really made me laugh, and also made me think I should get some more of those little puzzles again; hubby and I had so much fun with them. If you’re a newer reader, here’s a link to the first Bathroom Puzzle with info on how they were born here at My Jigsaw Journal.

A trip to Barnes & Noble (where I found the STEM puzzles) netted us zero puzzles in test tubes, nor any small ones at all. So online I went, and found MicroPuzzles. They’re a small business in California, and they only make “micro” puzzles in test tubes. The company is doing very well, they started out in their one bedroom apartment, and now have a 2500 sq. ft. warehouse – little puzzles have helped grow a bigger company! Their catalog is pretty sizeable for a small puzzle company, and I love their unique and interesting images.

I splurged and spent “too much” on a gift pack of 13 mini puzzles, and this is the first one we did. It was mostly me, but hubs came in at the end and finished it up … he loves that. It’s a guy thing, at least for him. He loves to come to my rescue, and help me with anything that needs to be done – that includes jigsaw puzzles. 😉

We had such a great time putting this puzzle together, working with the small pieces was truly entertaining. And the quality was quite good as well. I’m so glad I found this company, their puzzles are making me very happy indeed.

Don’t we all need a little happy these days? I definitely do!

*On a funny side note, our daughter came over to visit while we assembling this puzzle, and when she went into our bathroom we heard her all the way out in the living room; “Oooh, there’s a pooping puzzle in here again!”. 🤣

(I think I’ll stick with my moniker for the time being, it’s a little less uncouth)

5 thoughts on “2037 Calories

  1. Penny Weiss

    Ohh your daughter is hysterical Stacey. Love it. Now, where did you come up with exactly 2037 calories? Is that calories for all the donuts put together? Remember…some of them are only half pictured…so half the calories, right? Hee hee

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