Unicorns – Part 3

Unicorns 3-1
Unicorns by Rose Catherine Khan – Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

These colors and the look of the entire set makes me so happy! I truly had a great time assembling these puzzles, and I’m very much looking forward to assembling the remaining five sets that I bought. They’re not as fabulous as this one was, but they’re still going to be great fun!

Ready to meet some more unicorns?……

Unicorns 3-2

This is my favorite of the three, there’s something about the more muted colors working together that I think looks amazing. This is Teodoro the Tenderhearted, and he is a sweet, gentle unicorn that always thinks before he speaks, and always has a kind word for everyone. He is a licensed social worker and accredited psychologist, and spends his days taking care of his herd. He enjoys interior decorating, dabbles in home repair, and on the weekends he can usually be found at the beach surfing, swimming, and enjoying a roaring bonfire.

Unicorns 3-3

I love the bridle/saddle and everything about this unicorn’s “clothes”. Gorgeous! Meet Leilani the Lithesome; she is ever graceful in both movement and her dealings with others, and is quite the popular entertainer in the unicorn world. She regularly puts on the most stunning aerial shows that combine ballet, gymnastics, and popular dance. Leilani is proud of her naturally wavy hair, but spends very little time dealing with it. Her home is her castle, and she finds cleaning very relaxing – so she loves to spend her spare time keeping the place as clean as a whistle!

Unicorns 3-4

May I introduce you to Cheney the Captivating. Cheney loves to perform, and will do just about anything to keep an audience entertained; he’s almost like a carnival barker with his need to have everyone watching him as much as possible. He has a bit of an inflated ego, and isn’t always pleasant to be around as he is quite the conversation hog and loves to talk mainly of himself. His hobbies include reading about himself in the newspaper, crocheting pillows and blankets, and throwing parties for himself.

I know these unicorn bios are silly, but I had such a great time assembling them and I wanted to keep the fun going. These puzzles are highly entertaining for me, I loved each and every little unicorn no matter the color or shape, and I’m looking forward to a time when I can put these together again!

4 thoughts on “Unicorns – Part 3

  1. rleedee

    Hi Stacey! Your unicorn bios were SO FUN and entertaining. We need to figure out a way to keep this creative side of your personality going, now that the unicorns are finished (if only for my selfish benefit). Truly enjoyable! Thanks for making me smile. -Ronda

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