Unicorns – Part 4

Unicorns 4-1
Unicorns by Rose Catherine Khan – Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

Sadly we have come to the last day of the unicorn puzzles. I have had such a fun time being silly and giving these beautiful unicorns a backstory; giving them silly names, jobs, and hobbies, and in general just loving the ridiculousness of it all.

I certainly hope I have inspired a few of you to seek out and find some of these sets by Cra-Z-Art. They have almost 20 sets altogether, and I’ve enjoyed every single one that I’ve assembled. (I will say the animal set {elephant, tiger, etc.} was quite difficult though) They’re great when you don’t have a lot of time or space, you can grab a small group of pieces and put together one or two small shaped puzzles; and they’re a lot of fun!

Unicorns 4-2

This is Drucinda, the Duchess of Unicornia. Her mask looks quite chic, like she is going to a masquerade ball; and the mane – oh my – that long flowing mane! I do love a redhead! She is extremely vain about her mane and spends quite a bit of time getting it groomed to perfection, and is known to wear her mask to save herself having to apply makeup to allow extra time for mane maintenance. The Duchess enjoys taking her pack of Basenjis for long walks, attending gourmet cooking classes, tending her prize-winning rosebushes, and loves to unwind with a trough of Moscato and a few grilled cheese sandwiches.

Unicorns 4-3

This gorgeous color blue, with the sparkles – it’s so stunningly beautiful! And the little touch of pinkish-purple to accent it–I adore this one! May I introduce you to Mia the Magnificent; Mia is the unicorn equivalent of a supermodel, with those long legs and that long, beautiful neck – how could she not be? Despite her “high class looks” though, Mia is a tomboy through and through. She loves riding her dirt bike, camping out for weeks at a time, and making her own furniture. If you catch her at home you’ll find that beautiful mane and tail tied back in braids to keep it out of her way while she works on her projects. The best part is that she isn’t vain or full of herself at all, she’s just a regular unicorn.

Unicorns 4-4

I mean, come on! Look at this glorious unicorn! Curly pink hair, the legwarmers accented with feathers, the floral saddle – it’s just too cool for school! This is, without a doubt, the silliest, girliest, most fantastic unicorn! I’ve named her Her Royal Highness Hailey Hydrangea – she’s the queen! And she is my absolute favorite of all 12 unicorns. I love them all, of course, but she is by far the best in my book.

Queen Hailey Hydrangea is a bit of an eccentric, her outfits are on the outrageous side, and she loves to be silly – prancing across the sprawling lawns of her castle for all to see. Her favorite pastime is, of course, assembling jigsaw puzzles! She adores all shapes and sizes of puzzles, but refuses to buy “luxury” puzzles and spend ridiculous amounts of money for one puzzle when she could purchase many for the same price. She also enjoys needlework and pottery – but much, much less than puzzling.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed these unicorns, I certainly have! 💖🦄

Unicorns – Part 3

Unicorns 3-1
Unicorns by Rose Catherine Khan – Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

These colors and the look of the entire set makes me so happy! I truly had a great time assembling these puzzles, and I’m very much looking forward to assembling the remaining five sets that I bought. They’re not as fabulous as this one was, but they’re still going to be great fun!

Ready to meet some more unicorns?……

Unicorns 3-2

This is my favorite of the three, there’s something about the more muted colors working together that I think looks amazing. This is Teodoro the Tenderhearted, and he is a sweet, gentle unicorn that always thinks before he speaks, and always has a kind word for everyone. He is a licensed social worker and accredited psychologist, and spends his days taking care of his herd. He enjoys interior decorating, dabbles in home repair, and on the weekends he can usually be found at the beach surfing, swimming, and enjoying a roaring bonfire.

Unicorns 3-3

I love the bridle/saddle and everything about this unicorn’s “clothes”. Gorgeous! Meet Leilani the Lithesome; she is ever graceful in both movement and her dealings with others, and is quite the popular entertainer in the unicorn world. She regularly puts on the most stunning aerial shows that combine ballet, gymnastics, and popular dance. Leilani is proud of her naturally wavy hair, but spends very little time dealing with it. Her home is her castle, and she finds cleaning very relaxing – so she loves to spend her spare time keeping the place as clean as a whistle!

Unicorns 3-4

May I introduce you to Cheney the Captivating. Cheney loves to perform, and will do just about anything to keep an audience entertained; he’s almost like a carnival barker with his need to have everyone watching him as much as possible. He has a bit of an inflated ego, and isn’t always pleasant to be around as he is quite the conversation hog and loves to talk mainly of himself. His hobbies include reading about himself in the newspaper, crocheting pillows and blankets, and throwing parties for himself.

I know these unicorn bios are silly, but I had such a great time assembling them and I wanted to keep the fun going. These puzzles are highly entertaining for me, I loved each and every little unicorn no matter the color or shape, and I’m looking forward to a time when I can put these together again!

Unicorns – Part 2

Unicorns 2-1
Unicorns by Rose Catherine Khan- Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

It’s day two of the fabulousness of the unicorns, and I absolutely adore this artwork! They’re funny, and silly, and beautiful, and outrageous all at once. A second set of unicorns certainly would be welcome…..that’s a hint for you Cra-Z-Art. 🦄

If you haven’t tried shaped puzzles before, these sets would be a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak. They’re small and well made, which is perfect for someone who isn’t used to the way shaped puzzles go together. Have you given them a try? I hope you do, if at all possible; they’re so entertaining!

Unicorns 2-2

They’re a little difficult to see, but there are peacock feathers at the back of this saddle – beautiful! I have named this beauty Prianna the Proud; she knows she’s fabulous and she is WORKING IT! Prianna enjoys prancing to her own drummer, preening herself, and providing beginner-level mane grooming classes for the Unicorn Beauty Academy. Her coloring skills are the best in the land!

Unicorns 2-3

I’m not a big fan of this color scheme; but I do think the wings are lovely, and the “tattoos” are beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Beulah the Blissful. She is a happy unicorn that loves John Hughes movies, memorizing quotes from her favorite philosophers, and karaoke with friends. Her voice is a bit like Edith Bunker (from All in the Family), but she sings with gusto and heart, and everyone enjoys her performances regardless. She’s the Florence Foster Jenkins of the unicorn world!

Unicorns 2-4

This is Madame Stefania the Stern. Don’t get on her bad side! She is the ballet master of the Unicorn School of Movement, and she gets the best out of her dancers no matter what! Madame Stefania expects perfection from her students, and they know to always keep their hooves in line. She likes to relax with a trough of white wine and a hot bath – complete with candles – and has been known to spend her spare time tending her herb garden in her favorite pair of worn out overalls.

I hope you’re enjoying the unicorns – I know I am!

Unicorns – Part 1

Unicorns 1-2
Unicorns by Rose Catherine Khan- Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

This is puzzle 100 for the year! I’m so glad that it was one that I enjoyed so very much. I can’t even express how much I loved these unicorns! They’re all so beautiful and colorful and I had the best time with them. 💗

These new sets that I bought are from Cra-Z-Art only, none of them say Lafayette Puzzle Factory like the previous sets. In addition, the colored backing has changed slightly so that it’s less slippery/shiny and made it easier for me to get good pictures without each one sliding off my board. Otherwise the quality seems the same; the pieces are on the thinner side, but they are sturdy and fit together well but slightly loosely.

The unicorns are all designed by Rose Catherine Khan, a new artist to me. I love the detail, the colors, and the fantasy of it all. Although fantasy images are not my usual choice, I certainly hope to see more puzzles with her artwork, I had such a great time with this one!

Unicorns 1-3

Purple and pink always make such a great combination! Is that because I grew up in the 80’s? Perhaps. Whatever. 😉 The colors of each of them are so beautiful! I’ve decided to name them all, because these unicorns with the long, flowing manes, gorgeous colors, and wonderful extras make me want to be silly and fun. The saddle on this one almost looks like a caterpillar on it’s body, and the longer hair at the hooves makes me think this is a female – so I have named her Cecilia, the Countess of Chrysalis. Cecilia was the runt of her litter, but she loves her shorter stature and thinks unicorns of every shape and size are beautiful no matter what. She likes to paraphrase Horton (he heard the Whos); “A unicorn’s a unicorn, no matter how small.”

Unicorns 1-4

This one makes me think of My Little Pony, only much more grown up and much more striking. This unicorn seems quite strong and manly to me so I have named him Angus the Able-Bodied. He is fierce, but fabulous – with iridescent wings that keep him aloft so that he can survey and protect his home. He likes moonlit walks on the beach, underwater basket-weaving, working out 3 days a week, and taking a spa day every two weeks to keep his mane in check and get himself a much needed pedicure.

Unicorns 1-5

This is my favorite of the three in this group, although I have to say that I think they’re all differing levels of fabulous. This unicorn also seems more masculine to me, and the long, fantastic mane has led me to name him Sampson the Stouthearted. The extra long hair/mane with what looks like strings of pearls is just amazingly gorgeous, and unfortunately also causes Sampson to be a little bit of a narcissist. He enjoys looking in the mirror, reading stories about himself in the newspaper, and spending time with his best friend Oliver the Owl. He’s a bit of a self-involved idiot, but he’s also brave and the first to stand up for those who are downtrodden. Mostly though, he’s lovely to look at.

I loved the artwork, I loved putting them together, I made myself laugh out loud at the silly stories I made up about them, and I adored each and every one of these shaped puzzles. Amazingly entertaining!