Unicorns – Part 2

Unicorns 2-1
Unicorns by Rose Catherine Khan- Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

It’s day two of the fabulousness of the unicorns, and I absolutely adore this artwork! They’re funny, and silly, and beautiful, and outrageous all at once. A second set of unicorns certainly would be welcome…..that’s a hint for you Cra-Z-Art. 🦄

If you haven’t tried shaped puzzles before, these sets would be a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak. They’re small and well made, which is perfect for someone who isn’t used to the way shaped puzzles go together. Have you given them a try? I hope you do, if at all possible; they’re so entertaining!

Unicorns 2-2

They’re a little difficult to see, but there are peacock feathers at the back of this saddle – beautiful! I have named this beauty Prianna the Proud; she knows she’s fabulous and she is WORKING IT! Prianna enjoys prancing to her own drummer, preening herself, and providing beginner-level mane grooming classes for the Unicorn Beauty Academy. Her coloring skills are the best in the land!

Unicorns 2-3

I’m not a big fan of this color scheme; but I do think the wings are lovely, and the “tattoos” are beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Beulah the Blissful. She is a happy unicorn that loves John Hughes movies, memorizing quotes from her favorite philosophers, and karaoke with friends. Her voice is a bit like Edith Bunker (from All in the Family), but she sings with gusto and heart, and everyone enjoys her performances regardless. She’s the Florence Foster Jenkins of the unicorn world!

Unicorns 2-4

This is Madame Stefania the Stern. Don’t get on her bad side! She is the ballet master of the Unicorn School of Movement, and she gets the best out of her dancers no matter what! Madame Stefania expects perfection from her students, and they know to always keep their hooves in line. She likes to relax with a trough of white wine and a hot bath – complete with candles – and has been known to spend her spare time tending her herb garden in her favorite pair of worn out overalls.

I hope you’re enjoying the unicorns – I know I am!

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