What’s On My Board…

In Progress
Is that…….do you see this??

It’s interesting what you see in the details when you’re assembling a puzzle. The way colors and patterns look close up is often much different than what you imagine them to be; and you can sometimes recognize something that really isn’t there.

The puzzle of my wedding picture, Stacey & David, is currently on my board. While I was putting together the train of my dress I saw this, and my mind immediately saw something I’ve never seen before when looking at my wedding pictures.

Do you see Batman in the negative space?

At first I stared at the dark area between the scalloped hem of my dress and the train and thought, “What in the world is that?” Then my brain determined that it looked like the profile of The Caped Crusader and I said – out loud to an empty room – “Holy crap it’s Batman!”

Are these just the crazed ravings of an unbalanced menopausal woman whose brain is slowly being cooked by hot flashes? Or do you see it too?

11 thoughts on “What’s On My Board…

  1. Eric

    Years ago, my mom was in the car with me and we pulled into a parking spot. Thru the windshield she saw a Batman logo poster in the storefront. She turned to me and said, “What do teeth have to do with Batman?” Take a look at the Batman logo and look for the teeth.

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