Cottages – Part 2

Cottages 2-1
Cottages (2) by Kim Leo – Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

Day two of adorable cottages by Kim Leo. I really do love these small shaped puzzles! Reassembling the cottages makes me want to go back and reassemble all the ones I still have. I’ve kept quite a few of them, and given some away to my “grandson” who loves puzzles as much as I do.

Each of the puzzles has a colored backing so that you can sort them easily, or if you prefer more of a challenge you can ignore the colored backing and make it a true 500 piece puzzle. I prefer to use the colored backing and sort them into twelve piles. I don’t always assemble the entire box all at once, so it’s nice to be able to sit down and grab a pile of pieces and put together one or more of these shaped beauties.

Cottages 2-2

Lilacs -n- Lace Bed & Breakfast – gotta tell you I love the bright color of this one. I would LOVE to have a bright purple house with a green porch, but I don’t know that the neighbors would be too pleased. The lilac bushes on the side of the house make me a little homesick for Michigan. The don’t grow here in Florida, and I miss their beautiful scent and seeing the brightly colored lilac bushes everywhere.

Cottages 2-3

We’ve got two black cats in this one, and it looks as if they’d like to take that bike for a spin while the dog doesn’t seem to want to get involved. He looks as if he wants to say “Mom wouldn’t like it if you messed up her bike.” I love the look of a yellow house, it always seems cheery to me. Although I’m not so sure about the neon pink door. Ah well, at least it matches the bike!

Cottages 2-4

What a sweet little cafe, with lots of flowers everywhere. Doesn’t this look like a relaxing place to have a nice meal, with lots of small talk? This one definitely reminds me my home state, it must be because the artist lives there. She seems to perfectly capture the quaint feeling of small town homes and businesses.

These puzzles make me so happy! 💖

8 thoughts on “Cottages – Part 2

  1. Janet L

    Hi, try Herrschners, Walmart, Amazon, ebay, all in stock. Love all the little details! I’m in New England, we grew up with lilac bushes in our yard, we’d always pick a bunch of sprigs and put them in water for Mom. Heavenly scent, smells like Spring!

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