Cottages – Part 4

Cottages 4-1
Cottages (4) by Kim Leo – Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

And now we’ve come to the close of our trip down cottage lane, and wasn’t it fun? I hope you readers have enjoyed it as much as I have. I think each little piece of artwork deserves to be appreciated, and have had a great time showing them all!

For those of you wondering, the quality of these puzzles is pretty good. The pieces are on the thinner side, but they’re sturdy and have a very nice variety of shapes. They fit together well, if perhaps slightly loosely, and as you can see the image reproduction is lovely with bright colors, crisp lines, and no fuzziness or blurry areas. The added colored backing seems to make it so that the die doesn’t cut all the way through on every piece, and each little puzzle had several pieces still attached. It wasn’t too terrible though, and just a little tug was all that was needed to separate them.

Cottages 4-2

I’m calling this one Heart House, because there are hearts everywhere! From the weather vane at the top of the house to paving stones in the walkway – hearts, hearts, and more hearts! Some of them are easy to miss, did you see the heart on the trim boards at the top of the house? So sweet! How about the X’s and O’s hanging off the porch roof? Hugs and kisses for everyone. This is in my top 3 of the entire set, love it! 😍

Cottages 4-3

Here’s another one with an autumn look to it, the Butternut Bakery. I love the little seating area near the top of the building, and the birdhouse too. Did you notice the weather vane? It’s a rolling pin! The small details like that are adorable; I really do love the work of this artist – it makes me smile. 🙂

Cottages 4-4

And lastly is the Sea Breeze Inn, doesn’t this look like a wonderful place for a weekend at the beach? I’m not a fan of sand, so I don’t think I’d be doing much at the beach, but it looks like a lovely place to sit on the porch and relax. All they need is a table there so I could work on a puzzle or two – then it would be perfect! 🧩

Did you notice? This is the only cottage without a cat!

Cottages – Part 3

Cottages 3-1
Cottages (3) by Kim Leo – Cra-Z-Art – 125/500 pieces

Back to the sweet cottages, I’m having a really good time showing each of the puzzles in the set; I’m sure there was much effort involved in painting every one of these, and it’s so nice that we’re able to appreciate each of them separately.

This series would be great if you have young children in your house, or grandchildren who visit. Each puzzle is small enough that they wouldn’t lose interest too quickly, and even sorting is fun with all the different colored backings. The bright colors and interesting images are kid friendly as well, and also great for those of us who are just kids at heart. 🤩

I may have to dig through my stash and see which of the puzzle sets from this series I still have; reassembling this set has been so entertaining that it makes me want to reassemble the rest of them and show each small puzzle like I’ve been doing with the cottages. I’ve given several of them away to my “grandson”, but I still have a few of them here. Anyone out there interested in Small Shaped Puzzles, Part Deux? 😉

Cottages 3-2

When I first saw the name of this little bakery it didn’t make any sense; then I said it out loud. Thistle Do = This’ll Do. What a great name! I love the autumn look of this cottage, with the corn stalks, apples, pumpkins, and gourds – and the wreath on the chimney is perfect!

Cottages 3-3

I’m not a cat person, so I’m not sure if the cat is trying to get at the tomatoes or the herbs on the table. Do cats eat tomatoes? Or perhaps it’s just trying to cause some mischief, I know for sure that they love that! This little cottage reminds me of home; we used to live in a town with many a summer cottage on the lake shore, and quite a few have this sort of feel. Love it!

Cottages 3-4

And lastly is my favorite of today’s three – a bright, fun looking cottage with a little pond/moat out front. I love the wrought iron gate on the side, and how the bright purple flowers stand out against the yellow of the house. I would love to spend a summer here – but perhaps not with a cat – my Buddy wouldn’t like it. 🐶