Pig House

Pig House
Pig House by Susan Sturgill – Great American Puzzle Factory – 550 pieces

I hemmed and hawed about assembling this puzzle, it’s probably been at my house for two years, perhaps even longer. It’s a thrift store find of mom’s that looks like a fun image, but with it’s muted colors I knew that it would be difficult. Of course you never know until you get to assembling, but it turns out I was right; the truly random cut and muted colors made it quite a challenge.

The Great American Puzzle Factory is no longer in business, but I don’t think it could have been because of their quality. I’ve done several of their puzzles, and they’ve all been very good. The pieces were very thick, with an excellent variety of shapes and an excellent fit. The image reproduction is very good as well, the muted colors seem to be true to the original artwork.

Pig House 1

La Pension Porcinee – the pig boarding house. I love the whimsy of the artwork and the simple and silly things all the pigs are doing. One is out walking the poodle, and there is a piglet blowing bubbles on the front steps while two old timers are in rocking chairs on the porch.

Pig House 2

Bath time – cleaning up with a big bottle of Hogwash – love it!

Pig House 3

Two honeymooners, expressing their love for one another while a cat hides under the bed. It’s not something you think pigs would be doing – traveling from Cincinnati! 😉

Pig House 4

Here we see the deliveryman bringing “food” into the kitchen. I’m certainly glad I don’t live close to this boarding house!

This puzzle is 34 years old – from 1986. It seems odd to me that the year I graduated from high school is that many years ago. That can’t possibly be. My math must be wrong. Right?

13 thoughts on “Pig House

  1. Deb

    I just love this puzzle, it’s so cute! The details are hilarious. I love busy puzzles, it’s so fun to discover the tiny details. If it would be available I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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      1. Deb

        Thank you, so very nice of you but I dont want to cause any extra exposure for you in this crazy pandemic. Scary enough just doing the things we HAVE to do!

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      2. Kit

        Oh my gosh, Hi! This puzzle is a major part of my family’s history growing up and my sister and I are have been looking for it for over a decade!!! Are you willing to sell it??


  2. This is a fun image, love it! For me time sort of stopped when I graduated in 1987. For the longest time, things that happened in the late ’80s were always “a few years ago” for me. Then, one day, I suddently realized it was 20 years, but it still felt like a few 😀


  3. James Jewitt

    Hello Stacey,

    Thank you for your blog!
    I am getting in touch in hopes of purchasing the 1986 Pig House puzzle you posted about. This was a favorite of my grandmother’s, who passed away recently, and all of us cousins have fond memories of doing the puzzle with her in the summers when we visited. I’d love to have the puzzle to complete with them at a memorial service for her, but I can’t find it anywhere.

    I noticed in a previous post that you’d be willing to part with it. I’m more than happy to compensate you and take you up on that offer, if it still stands! Please let me know.

    I am also a father of three and my young kids are into puzzles, so this would be a special treat to do with them, since it was such a meaningful puzzle to me as a kid.

    Best wishes,
    James Jewitt
    Blacksburg, Virginia

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      1. Kit

        Hi! I inquired about this puzzle a week or so ago and you let me know you were looking for it. I see now there’s another person interested in it. Im willing to pay for the purchase of the puzzle and cover your shipping costs if you’re able to find it and if that helps my cause. I did reach out and you did respond last week so I’m still really hopeful I’ve FINALLY found this puzzle my sister and I have been looking for so long. It’s apparently got tremendous sentimental value for many people! 🧩 💕

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      2. Hi Kit, I’m so sorry I didn’t even put it together in my old lady brain that it was the same puzzle that you had inquired about. Apologies for sounding as if I’d disregarded your request.

        Unfortunately, hubby and I went through the puzzle room yesterday to rearrange things and look for the puzzle – and it seems I either donated it somewhere or traded it with a friend. I cannot find it anywhere in the house. I’m so sorry. I feel terrible that several people wanted it and now I don’t have it to give.

        There’s something about this puzzle, and now I feel awful that I didn’t keep it. 😦


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