Air Mail

Air Mail
Air Mail – Re-marks – 500 pieces

As per my usual with all collages, I adored this one. Thank goodness I stocked myself up on my beloved collages before lockdown went into effect, they make my little puzzling heart very happy. 💗

I was having a great time with the assembly from the beginning, but it started to go together a little too quickly for my taste. It wasn’t that it was too easy, it was just too much fun! So I put the box away and worked it with no reference; it made the fun last a bit longer and made me pretty proud when I finished it too.

Re-marks and White Mountain have the best catalogs of collage puzzles around in my opinion. For my money, the image reproduction is much better on Re-marks puzzles, but White Mountain has a much bigger catalog of images to choose from. They both have the occasional difficulties with quality problems with the cut and/or fit of their puzzles, but in general they are both good companies that put out good quality jigsaws. (Honestly though, unless they were complete trash I would still buy their collages, I’m hooked and they make me unbelievably happy!)

Air Mail 1

This stamp looks almost exactly like a puzzle I did about 3 years ago! All it’s missing is the wording; Woodstock was an awesome looking image, but an extremely difficult puzzle. Although, without the wording it would have been even more of a challenge.

Air Mail 2

This stamp makes me extremely happy. Not only is it very pretty, it’s my home state. I miss it sometimes, especially in the fall and at Christmastime. At the moment Michigan is being overrun with the coronavirus, so I’m praying that my family and friends still there, and really all the Michiganders remain safe and healthy.

In addition to having a great time assembling this puzzle, it led me to a tip to share with you all. Running low on puzzles? Wishing they could last longer? I stretched this puzzle out an extra day by putting away the box image and just using the pieces and colors. Don’t be afraid to make it a little more challenging, if you feel like you’re in the weeds or you’re just not enjoying it as much you can always pull out the image again. But you just might enjoy the added obstacle, you never know until you try!

6 thoughts on “Air Mail

  1. Penny Weiss

    The Michigan stamp is beautiful. I always love colors like the together. Almost Halloweenish with blacks…purples…and yellow or organish tones. Some of my favs.

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  2. Deb

    Love all those images! I just finished Retro by White Mountain and I was very satisfied. Images were clear and it had that oh so satisfying “click” when the right piece fit. Plus all the great memories that were pictured. I agree, Re-marks and White Mountain put out really fun puzzles.

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  3. Great puzzle! Also, if you’ve done all your puzzles and have to start on a second round, why not mix the pieces of teo puzzles together to make it more challenging? This is not something I will have to worry about in the next few years, of course …

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