12 Days of Christmas Puzzles Day 3

12 Days - 3
Penguin – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Mr. Penguin here was pretty easy to assemble, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. He’d be especially fun to put together with children, if you have any of those around the house. I don’t have little ones anymore, but that never stops me from enjoying a kids puzzle. 😉

I’ve been assembling these puzzles on the day they’re posted, and I would recommend assembling them that way – one every day. Even if you’re a badass puzzler who only assembles 1000 piece puzzles, sometimes the holiday rush and stress doesn’t leave us any time for our favorite hobby. These puzzles only take 5 minutes or so depending on your skill level, and there’s usually a small space on a table or the counter to put a small puzzle like this together.

Yesterday I assembled the Day 2 puzzle in the morning, then I had to go out to a baby shower for one of my very best friends. It was difficult for me, and when I got home I spent the rest of the day in bed. The 100 piece puzzle I assembled in the morning was my only chance to puzzle during a rushed and stressful day, and I’m glad I had the chance to puzzle at all – even if it did have a missing piece. 🧩

Christmas is only 9 days away, and Hanukkah is in 7 days – things are getting busy and many of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. There isn’t always time to sit down and lay out a larger puzzle and these little advent calendar puzzles are perfect for just a few minutes of puzzling in an otherwise very busy day.

Of course, who am I to tell anyone how to puzzle? If you want to do all of them in one sitting that’s perfectly alright as well. As for me though, I’m enjoying doing them one by one. Sometimes there’s a puzzle with an image that doesn’t strike my fancy, but it’s only 100 pieces, and tomorrow’s puzzle might be lots of fun!

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