Trick or Treat 2

Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat 2 by Sheila Lee – Sunsout – 500 pieces

I found this puzzle at mom’s, it’s a thrift store find and I really like the image! The box was pretty beat up, and I was worried that it would be missing pieces, but luckily they were all present and accounted for. I love how colorful it is, and it was a lot more fun to assemble than I expected.

The random cut was pretty fun to work with, but the fit was mushy. You could put two pieces together and they felt and looked as though they fit, but they absolutely did not. With this kind of fit you can’t rely on feel, you have to pay close attention and sometimes I even had to turn the pieces over to be certain. That’s what I call a mushy fit, and I am most definitely NOT a fan.

Mushy fit aside though, it was still pretty entertaining for my first holiday puzzle of the month.

Tomorrow is the big day – I love Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat 2

  1. Marleen

    Looks great, happy Halloween!
    I managed to finish the Historia Comica Opus 1 today, it was awesome to work on! Of course that made the PADS flare up and I just ordered 5 new puzzles. Oops, ah well 🙂

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