Beaches of South Walton

South Walton
Beaches of South Walton – Blue Crab Designs – 1000 pieces

Interesting puzzle from a company I’ve never heard of before. I couldn’t find anything online about them either; they may not be in business still, I’m not sure.

Unfortunately it had a terribly mushy fit, but otherwise I found the quality of the pieces quite good. They were thick and had a good hand feel. The image seemed a little blurry, but I believe that was the nature of the artwork.

South Walton 1

Apparently Bow Wow Meow is a pet supply store in South Walton; I just loved the name, very cute. 😉

South Walton 2

The map portion of this puzzle was one of the most fun sections to assemble, although surprisingly I found the green section quite entertaining as well.

Overall the mushy fit was disappointing and did not make for a great first impression. I had high hopes for this puzzle because the chipboard used was very good, but the fit of the pieces made for a sometimes frustrating assembly.

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