Terrible Week

It’s been a terrible week, I haven’t puzzled at all. I did touch some puzzle pieces when I started to sort the octagonal Springbok I found at mom’s house, but I just wasn’t feeling well and barely even got 50 pieces on a tray on Monday. I spent the rest of the day in bed, but then even when I was feeling a little better the rest of the week I just wasn’t in the mood for either the puzzle that was being sorted or for puzzling in general. It has just been an awful week for me.

I’ve decided to put the Springbok away for now and wait until the mood strikes me to try it again. I’m hoping to start sorting another puzzle today, but no guarantees. I’m in a funk and have yet to get myself out of it. Tomorrow I’m supposed to go through a bunch more of mom’s puzzles and more of her things, and I have to say – not looking forward to it.

I’d better get my a** in gear, I’m running out of puzzles to post again.

10 thoughts on “Terrible Week

  1. Penny Weiss

    Sorry ro hear you are in a puzzling and life funk. I will keep my fingers crossed u are able to come out of it soon. Think about your blessings during times like these — supportive and loving friends and family. An amazing group of online puzzle friends, a fantastic blog, and enough puzzles to last a lifetime! 🙂 Maybe even two lifetimes! LOL

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  2. Amy

    I have been so absent for a long time. There were no words I could use to convey anything I was thinking or feeling for what you were going through. If there is one thing I excel at, it is self compassion. Those times happen, embrace and enjoy them.

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