Hula Kitty

Hula Kitty
Hula Kitty – Ceaco (Avanti) – 100 pieces

This was my least favorite image of the 4 that we bought, but it’s still cute. I quite like the images with the disgusted looks of the animals on them; where they’re staring daggers at the person who dressed them up in ridiculous outfits – they make me laugh. 🙂

These 100 piece Ceaco puzzles are average quality, but for me it’s more about the fun of a “one coffee puzzle” available for a quick assembly. I get a kick out of being able to finish a puzzle in one sitting, and it’s even better when the image isn’t a childish one. There’s nothing wrong with a kids puzzle image, but it’s also fun to find some that are more adult.

There’s still one more of these to assemble, and I’ve been putting it off. I adore the image, and am saving the best for last. I would be extremely happy to find more of these little darlings somewhere, they’re great images and I love the smaller piece counts.

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