Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize
Pulitzer Prize – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

I was a little disappointed with this puzzle – not only did I lose a piece (I seem to be very good at that lately), but there was serious problem with the image reproduction. You can see at the top of the puzzle it looks as if someone has poured a dark stain over it.

You can see on the left the puzzle itself, and on the right is the poster that came with the puzzle – there’s a huge difference. I contacted the company to let them know about the problem, and to their credit they got in touch with me the same day.

They wanted to see pictures of the problem, so that they could speak to their manufacturers – and that was the main reason I got in touch with them. All I’m looking for are great puzzles to do, and when I feel there’s something they need to hear about that could help them improve quality, I always want to let them know.

They also offered to send me a free puzzle, but I didn’t take them up on it. Even though there was a problem with the printing, it was only a small part of the puzzle; and even with the stain across the top I still enjoyed assembling the puzzle. In that way, I feel I got my money’s worth and don’t feel that I need to be reimbursed with a new puzzle. I love their collage puzzles, and this one problem won’t keep me from buying more in the future.

The piece shape is very obvious, which it seems to be in most of their puzzles. It doesn’t detract from the assembly for me, but it would matter if you planned on displaying it. The pieces are a good thickness and fit together well, and other than the image reproduction issue the quality was very good.

The assembly was entertaining and engrossing, and it went together very quickly for a 1000 piece. It was interesting to see which of the books I’ve read and to see all the ones I’ve never even heard of. I thought I was well read, but of all the Pulitzer Prize winning books shown I’ve only read seven of them. I guess I’m not as well read as I thought! Oh well, my family loves me and thinks I’m pretty awesome, that’s what truly matters.


6 thoughts on “Pulitzer Prize

  1. Great image! It reminds me that a few years ago I decided to read something of every Literature Nobel Prize winner, starting with the first from 1901. I’ve only gotten to 1904, many of the early laureates haven’t aged all that well 😀

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      1. I enjoy working through lists, and that way I’ve read some great books and seen some wonderful movies that I probably would have missed otherwise. But if something’s not to my taste I won’t be spending a lot of time on it, that’s for sure.

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