Love by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

When you see a puzzle called “Love”, you don’t normally expect a Wysocki, or at least I don’t. This one though is a great scene, with more people than you normally see in one of his images.

I had a great time with this puzzle, and it went together pretty fast. A turn of the century tennis club with a lot of lounging around going on. The foreground was a little harder than the background, but it wasn’t too bad. The background and sky definitely looks like a typical Wysocki, and assembling those parts was almost soothing; I’ve put together quite a few Wysocki images and it was comforting to assemble.

Buffalo puzzles are very good quality, and their 300 piece puzzles are my favorite of all their piece counts. There’s something about the boxy pieces that isn’t as pleasing to work with when they’re smaller. Just my own opinion of course, many people love the larger piece count Buffalo puzzles. There’s nothing wrong with them, I just have to be in the right mood to work on a 1000 piece or higher.

Love 1

I love this flag “We Are Oblivious To Sanity” – I think I’d like to get that put on a t-shirt for myself. Sanity is overrated if you ask me. 🙃

6 thoughts on “Love

  1. Penny Weiss

    I really like this one too. I am now in love with Wysocki puzzles. I have done several of the 300 piece ones and I am really looking forward to a 1000 piece version sonetime soon too.

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      1. Penny Weiss

        Of course. U know its weird….everytime I comment on a post and check the let me know ehen someone else comments usually I get notified. Not lately though….

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  2. Patrick Palmer

    It’s funny because “love” means zero in tennis scoring but there is no score displayed. However, the American flag has the stars arranged in a circle, almost like a zero.

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