Mexican Guitars

Mexican Guitars
Mexican Guitars – Milton Bradley (Big Ben) – 500 pieces

I enjoyed this puzzle way too much, and I wish I’d been able to find a 1000 piece of this image – it went by too fast!

The quality was excellent, with thick pieces that had a dry feeling finish that felt good in my hands. The fit was exceptional, and I was able to pick up the entire puzzle with one hand. I liked the angled sort of grid cut too, it made for interesting piece shapes. Sometimes Milton Bradley Big Ben puzzles aren’t such good quality as this; I was happy to find this one wasn’t lacking at all.

I’ve got another Big Ben puzzle in the to do pile, with an awesome image that I’m very much looking forward to. Having completed this one, it makes me want to get going on the next one even sooner.

If I come across the 1000 piece of this image, I’m definitely getting it. I absolutely LOVED this puzzle!

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