Another Fun Shopping Trip!

ShoppingYesterday I decided that since Dorian is taking his sweet time coming to visit that I needed to pick up my daughter and go get a few more puzzles before he shows up. I mean, more than 100 puzzles here in the house just doesn’t seem like enough. 😁 Truth is, I just needed to get out of the house and hang out with my baby girl for a little bit – and why not buy puzzles while we’re at it, right?

I had so much fun with the Monsters Inc. panoramic puzzle that I went a little panorama crazy and bought two more Disney ones, an Art Poulin Americana image, and a gorgeous Ciro Marchetti scene. Whoops!

I also bought a 2000 piece Big Ben puzzle, it’s the one in the back with the eggs. The image just looks like it would be extremely fun to put together, not intimidating at all, and it was only $6.99. Now how in the world could I pass that up?

In addition, I also picked up the other two Thaneeya McArdle images similar to Live for Today. It was so enjoyable to assemble and was pretty good quality, so they seemed to jump right into my cart.

There’s also a very difficult Anne Taintor puzzle that I looked at last time we were there, but for some reason this time I felt as though I could handle it without too much frustration – I hope I was right. If not, you guys may hear me doing some whining about it in the future. Please be kind if I get whiny, I know I did it to myself. 😉

There are still 6 puzzles to assemble from the last shopping trip I told you about, plus 5 more from a trip that I didn’t post details on. Whatever. They will all get some lovin’ from me at some point. 💝

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