Another Hurricane…


Hurricane Dorian is on his way for a visit here to the East Coast of Florida, and he looks like he’s going to be packing a big punch. Even if the eyewall doesn’t make landfall, we are still going to be severely affected; extremely high winds and lots of rain are on the way no matter what.

We’re putting up the hurricane shutters today, and are stocked up and ready to shelter in place here at the house. I’m reminded of the last time we did this, during Hurricane Irma almost 2 years ago – I set up and sorted a 2000 piece puzzle that mom, my daughter, and I worked on together during the storm.

I won’t have any help from the puzzle posse this time, so I’m on my own with whatever  puzzles I’ll be assembling – unless my hubby and sons get super bored and want to help. I’ve got plenty of puzzles to keep myself busy (probably enough for many months if I’m honest) but it will most likely only be a few days that we’re all stuck here inside.

If the power is out and the internet isn’t available I won’t be able to post anything. Even though the eye of the hurricane isn’t due until Tuesday morning, we’ll start getting tropical storm force winds tomorrow night. So if I’m absent for a few days don’t worry, most likely it’s just lack of internet access. I’ll be getting plenty of puzzling done though, or at least I hope I will!

6 thoughts on “Another Hurricane…

  1. Penny Weiss

    Its now looking like a direct hit in your area may not happen, but rather hugging the coast and may hit GA or SC coastline. Hopefully that will minimize the impact. Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks Ellen. Even if he doesn’t impact Florida, we’re right on the coast so I think we’re definitely in for some rough weather. I haven’t even touched a puzzle today we spent all of it getting ready for the storm. I’m looking forward to having some quiet time tomorrow. 😉

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