Horses – Patch Products – 24 pieces

I’m loving these 24 piece puzzles; both the cute picture side and the informational side. They’re great when I want to complete something quickly, which is usually right after I finish a larger sized adult puzzle. These puzzles are excellent quality too; that’s not always the case with children’s puzzles and I appreciate it when we find great quality.

Horses 1.JPG

I learned about the differences between an English and Western saddle, and the different types of bits – I didn’t know any of that before – obviously I’m not a horse person. I have nothing against them, they’re beautiful animals, I just haven’t been around them all that much.

I still have about 5 or 6 puzzles from this box to assemble, and I’m looking forward to finishing them all. I’m trying to space them out because a bunch of kids puzzles in a row would probably be boring to read about, but I also want to get them finished and send them off to school with my daughter. The kids love puzzles, and my daughter tells me they’re needing some new ones.


6 thoughts on “Horses

  1. I used to ride horses as a teenager, and I got to try a Western saddle once. Almost like sitting in an armchair compared to the usual saddles 🙂 It was obviously designed for people who spent the entire day on horseback.

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      1. It’s not uncomfortable, but it requires more work. It’s designed to keep your weight close to the withers, the strongest part of the horse, making it as easy as possible for the horse. This would be especially important in various competitions. In a Western saddle your weight is further back and you can relax more.

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