Instruments – Patch Products – 24 pieces

Here’s another one from the big box with ten double-sided 24 piece educational kids puzzles. They are excellent quality, with interesting pictures, and nice fit. I not ashamed to say I enjoy putting them together even if it only takes a couple of minutes from start to finish.

Here’s the reverse side…

Band – Patch Products – 24 pieces

Sometimes I like to take them apart and reassemble the back side, and sometimes I’m lazy as bleep and I just flip it over to take the picture. This time? Lazy. 🤷‍♀️


Dinosaur – Patch Products – 24 pieces

Educational kids puzzles make me happy, because a lot of the time I’m learning or re-learning things too! I assembled a bunch of kids puzzles one day to try to bump up the number of puzzles in my queue, and I had a very good time with them.

This double-sided puzzle came from a box containing ten puzzles (20 if you do each side separately) that mom and I found at the thrift store. Luckily each puzzle was bagged by itself so I’m almost certain that all of them will be complete. They’re a very nice quality set of puzzles, with thick pieces that fit together well.

Dinosaur 1
Dinosaur (back) – Patch Products – 24 pieces

The T-Rex looks like he’s going in to make a meal of the Triceratops, but the Triceratops looks completely oblivious and happy. Too funny!

I don’t feel weird at all assembling these puzzles made for children. Firstly I donate all kids puzzles to a school for special needs kids where my daughter works, and I don’t want to send in any puzzles that are missing pieces. Second, I’m not one of those people who think assembling a small puzzle just isn’t challenging and therefore not worth my time – I’ve done some really difficult kids puzzles! Third, no matter the piece count, I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles.💗