Fall on the Farm

Fall on the Farm
Fall on the Farm by Mary Thompson – Bits and Pieces – 300 pieces

This is a cute Americana image from Bits and Pieces. I think this may have been the first  300 piece puzzle of theirs that I’ve done. I was surprised by the very blocky shaped pieces, and that it was more difficult to assemble than it looks.

I’m not always happy with the quality of this brand, it seems to be hit or miss in the quality department for them. The last two Bits and Pieces puzzles that I purchased new were so awful to assemble that I only buy them second hand now. (Horribly loose fit and pieces shapes that were so obvious it almost obscured the image itself) Taking chances on iffy quality isn’t a good idea in my book, but I don’t mind so much if I’m only paying a dollar or two for a puzzle.

This one was pretty good quality though, and although more difficult than I thought it would be, it was an enjoyable assembly.

4 thoughts on “Fall on the Farm

  1. i have difficulties in doing bits&pieces round puzzles. it is hard to get the “rythm” of piece cut for me.
    this puzzle looks rather easy with these big block pieces, but as they say “you never know until you try”

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  2. Anonymous

    Did you contact the Bits & Pieces puzzle company about the two puzzles you bought new that turned out to be of poor quality? Their puzzles are pretty darn pricey and I’d be so disappointed and frustrated that I spent that kind of money on puzzles that turned out to be very poor quality.

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    1. I did, but only to let them know how disappointing the quality was in the hope they might try to improve it. I didn’t want replacements because I’d been able to assemble the puzzles and they were complete, getting another one for free doesn’t seem right to me.


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