Our Current Mystery…

Vintage wooden Pastime puzzle in progress

Mom and I are currently working on another vintage puzzle, this one is much smaller but it’s beautifully cut and much easier to figure out what it is – there’s a wedding!

It’s a Pastime puzzle, like the municipal building we assembled, and the figurals are familiar looking as well. Like the first mystery, we don’t know what the finished image will be, and we don’t know if it’s complete – but that’s not really the point of putting this puzzle together. The point is enjoying the puzzle and spending time together enjoying each other’s company. 💖

It’s a little less difficult than our big puzzle, there is much more color to assist with finding pieces, but just as much color line cutting – as you can tell by the bride’s veil, we have no idea what’s behind her! We revel in the challenge of it, and every time we find a connection we feel a little better about our aging brains. 👵

B & T Brewing Company

B & T Brewing Company
B & T Brewing Company by Art Poulin – MasterPieces – 1000 pieces

This puzzle is gorgeous, and was tons of fun because mom helped quite a bit – the posse was back together assembling something other than the Mystery Puzzle! Mom came over just as I had finished the sorting and she loved the look of the puzzle, so she stayed to start assembling it with me.

We finished it together too, when I had a medical appointment she came over early so that we could work on it for a bit before we left. We both are severely addicted to puzzles and puzzling. 😉

The quality of this MasterPieces puzzle was wonderful; excellent fit, thick pieces, great colors and a fun image. The random cut kept things interesting too. All around I really enjoy working with this brand, they’re very nice puzzles with a great catalog of images to choose from.

B & T Brewing 1

I quite enjoyed assembling this middle section (above) which shows all the steps of brewing beer; not being a beer drinker I knew none of the steps at all. And I love that the “steps” are at the top of the steps! 😄

B & T Brewing 2

Great image by Art Poulin, I’ve assembled 2 puzzles in this Inside Out series, have the third but haven’t assembled it yet, and would love to get my hands on the last one. Such fun!

The Conversation

The Conversation
The Conversation by Susan Brabeau – Milton Bradley – 1000 pieces

Here’s another puzzle I would not normally choose; it came in the lot of puzzles purchased from the marketplace. The artwork is phenomenal, it reminds me of Norman Rockwell with it’s precise and photo-like detail, but it makes for quite a challenging assembly – which is why this image wouldn’t be my first choice to puzzle.

It’s always a little bit of a wonder to me how the puzzle looks when it’s complete. When you’re assembling it the pieces seem muted and fuzzy with an image like this, but when finished it looks so crisp and clear you can’t believe you had a problem putting any of it together. At least I can say with this one I knew going in that it would be difficult, no surprise this time! 😉

The fit was slightly loose, but otherwise the puzzle was good quality; and even though it was challenging I enjoyed myself.

Farmyard Scene

Farmyard Scene
Farmyard Scene by Edward Hersey – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I’m not sure why I purchased this micro puzzle, it’s not my usual “type” of image; it’s very dark and kind of boring for someone like me who likes bright, busy images. Still, even if the image isn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed figuring out which piece went where and seeing the completed puzzle.

Farmyard Scene whimsies

These micro puzzles are absolutely perfect for me when my brain wants to puzzle but my body isn’t cooperating. Even if I’m not up to sitting in my comfortable chair in front of the puzzle board I can still put one of these together on a tray in bed. And although I’d usually rather spend lots of time puzzling, being able to spend only 10 minutes or so with a jigsaw puzzle seems to settle my nerves and lift my spirits. 🙂