Farmyard Scene

Farmyard Scene
Farmyard Scene by Edward Hersey – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I’m not sure why I purchased this micro puzzle, it’s not my usual “type” of image; it’s very dark and kind of boring for someone like me who likes bright, busy images. Still, even if the image isn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed figuring out which piece went where and seeing the completed puzzle.

Farmyard Scene whimsies

These micro puzzles are absolutely perfect for me when my brain wants to puzzle but my body isn’t cooperating. Even if I’m not up to sitting in my comfortable chair in front of the puzzle board I can still put one of these together on a tray in bed. And although I’d usually rather spend lots of time puzzling, being able to spend only 10 minutes or so with a jigsaw puzzle seems to settle my nerves and lift my spirits. 🙂

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