Our Current Mystery…

Vintage wooden Pastime puzzle in progress

Mom and I are currently working on another vintage puzzle, this one is much smaller but it’s beautifully cut and much easier to figure out what it is – there’s a wedding!

It’s a Pastime puzzle, like the municipal building we assembled, and the figurals are familiar looking as well. Like the first mystery, we don’t know what the finished image will be, and we don’t know if it’s complete – but that’s not really the point of putting this puzzle together. The point is enjoying the puzzle and spending time together enjoying each other’s company. 💖

It’s a little less difficult than our big puzzle, there is much more color to assist with finding pieces, but just as much color line cutting – as you can tell by the bride’s veil, we have no idea what’s behind her! We revel in the challenge of it, and every time we find a connection we feel a little better about our aging brains. 👵

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