B & T Brewing Company

B & T Brewing Company
B & T Brewing Company by Art Poulin – MasterPieces – 1000 pieces

This puzzle is gorgeous, and was tons of fun because mom helped quite a bit – the posse was back together assembling something other than the Mystery Puzzle! Mom came over just as I had finished the sorting and she loved the look of the puzzle, so she stayed to start assembling it with me.

We finished it together too, when I had a medical appointment she came over early so that we could work on it for a bit before we left. We both are severely addicted to puzzles and puzzling. 😉

The quality of this MasterPieces puzzle was wonderful; excellent fit, thick pieces, great colors and a fun image. The random cut kept things interesting too. All around I really enjoy working with this brand, they’re very nice puzzles with a great catalog of images to choose from.

B & T Brewing 1

I quite enjoyed assembling this middle section (above) which shows all the steps of brewing beer; not being a beer drinker I knew none of the steps at all. And I love that the “steps” are at the top of the steps! 😄

B & T Brewing 2

Great image by Art Poulin, I’ve assembled 2 puzzles in this Inside Out series, have the third but haven’t assembled it yet, and would love to get my hands on the last one. Such fun!

8 thoughts on “B & T Brewing Company

  1. Anonymous

    I’m always amazed when you report that a certain brand has excellent quality — or rather, perhaps I feel that you are just lucky. In my experience with MasterPiece puzzles the quality is rubbish, super thin pieces with image lift for example. I’ve also had a puzzle with missing pieces. Despite their unique images that aren’t licensed by other puzzle companies, I never buy this brand anymore.

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    1. Everyone has different aspects that are important to them, and therefore you can’t really tell about a brand until you do it for yourself. Things that are a “must have” for me might not matter to you at all, and vice versa. As long as we can find some puzzle brands we love to assemble, that’s what matters. 🙂


  2. Mandy

    Lovely puzzle. I don’t drink beer but did go on a brewery tour when we were in Tasmania last year and it was very interesting. Learnt all about the ‘steps’!

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