Many Travel Bags

Many Travel Bags
Many Travel Bags by A. Keattikorn – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

My apologies for the cockeyed photo – I can usually do better than that. 😐 I like the alternative title for this puzzle shown on the box, “Valises a Gogo”. Sounds much more fun, doesn’t it?

The 300 piece Milton Bradley puzzle I posted yesterday was much better quality than this one, unfortunately. This 500 piece puzzle from the same brand had a very loose fit that was a difficult to work with early on in the assembly. The edges barely stayed together, and it wasn’t until quite a bit of the interior was done before I could trust that the pieces would stay connected if accidentally bumped. On the plus side it had very nice image reproduction, even if it was a tiny bit darker than the box showed.

I don’t know that I would have picked this puzzle out for myself, but it was more fun to put together than it looked. If you come across “Valises a Gogo” or “Many Travel Bags” it’s a fun picture to assemble, but I would recommend it from perhaps a different company if you’re not a fan of an extremely loose fit.

10 thoughts on “Many Travel Bags

  1. The photo is fine, no need to apologize. Now me, I really have some terrible photos on my blog 🙂

    You’d think that the whole point of a brand is that you know what you get, but so many seem to have varying quality. In some cases the old puzzles are better, and that I can understand, but others seem to go back and forth.

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      1. Anonymous

        I’ve had a few issues with Cobble Hill puzzles – I’ve come to expect a nice and snug (but not too tight) fit with their puzzles and I’ve had a few puzzles from CH where the fit was a bit loose and you couldn’t pick up even a few pieces together without them falling apart, very frustrating when working a 1000 piece puzzle.

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