The Old Candy Shop

The Old Candy Shop
The Old Candy Shop by Steve Crisp – White Mountain – 300 pieces

This puzzle is a great example of why you need to see the puzzle box close up and the puzzle assembled. I’ve seen this image many times before and thought only “Eh, it’s okay I guess” , but it was much more detailed and fun to assemble than I’d imagined. What an excellent puzzle!

This is one of the lot of puzzles I got from my Facebook Marketplace purchase and I wasn’t overly excited about assembling it – and boy was I wrong. It’s so interesting to me how I still cannot tell what puzzles I’ll enjoy and what puzzles I won’t. I’ve assembled a LOT of puzzles, I work on them every single day if I’m able, but still they constantly surprise me!

The quality was very good, this was the first 300 piece White Mountain that I’ve done. You can see in the above picture that the piece shape isn’t obvious and it almost looks like a picture. The fit was wonderful and the large pieces were very easy to work with. They had the typical WM shapes and thickness. The image reproduction is absolutely gorgeous….

The detail is amazing, and look how wonderfully grandma’s face is captured; it’s a gorgeous image, and was thoroughly entertaining to assemble! I haven’t done many Steve Read puzzles, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of his work. I absolutely adored this one!


4 thoughts on “The Old Candy Shop

  1. Ellen LoGiudice

    I love Steve Crisp! His White Mountain puzzles were the ones that got me hooked on jigsaw puzzles all over again as an adult a few years ago! There are so many to choose from as well.
    I’m a real Anglophile so I love the little cozy slices of life in his puzzles. There is one called Steep Hill which I really want but so far only Gibson seems to have it but like Puzzler1909 says I also don’t like the shapes of their puzzle pieces as much. I’m hoping WM makes it soon if it’s not too “British” for American tastes!

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    1. I was looking at a Steve Crisp puzzle this morning, and thought how similar his artwork seems to Steve Read. LOL Unfortunately it’s a White Mountain 1000 piece so I don’t have a board big enough to work on it at the moment, those 24 x 30 inch puzzles need a bit more space!

      I’m amazed at how many artists I know only because of puzzling. I can pick out an Aimee Stewart or Ciro Marchetti puzzle at 100 paces. 😉


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