Mystery Box – Day 21

One entire edge complete!

Mom and I have finally gotten back to work on the Mystery Puzzle! And although we found and assembled quite a few pieces in the last few days there’s one piece in particular that made us both VERY happy – we found the one we needed to complete the top edge of the puzzle!!


We only needed one, thin, tiny little piece to complete the top edge. Yay! I can report that the this edge measures almost 30 inches across, but we still have no idea how tall it’s going to be. Since it’s obviously a building, and the color line cutting makes for many straight edges that go on the inside of the puzzle, we aren’t really even attempting to assemble the edges.

We’re finding (or trying to find) significantly interestingly shaped pieces and working outwards. Although you can see from the pictures that many of them are significantly interesting, so it isn’t as easy as we’d hoped. 😉

Most of the work we’ve been doing over the last couple of days is in small chunks of pieces that are on trays and scattered all over the board. I didn’t take pictures of them because I was too excited about sharing the progress of finding that one teeny piece. Still, every piece we find that connects to something is a triumph; and we’re continuing to revel in the fun of the mystery, the crazy wonderful pieces, and the time spent together. 💗😍💗

4 thoughts on “Mystery Box – Day 21

  1. Merylee

    I noticed the swastika. Do you think it’s a pre-war or from 1940s Germany. I know some other cultures use this symbol for decorative purposes. Any ideas on its age/history? Great work by the way. I saw that box of pieces and was VERY dubious! You and mm are the puzzling champs of the world!

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    1. We’re pretty certain it’s a pre-war puzzle. Before the Nazis, it was an ancient religious symbol in some countries, a symbol of peace. As soon as we saw the swastika we knew the puzzle was very old; our best guess is a Parker Bros. Pastime Puzzle from the early 1900’s.

      Thanks for your kind words Merylee! We’re having a great time. 🙂


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