Spitfires by Derek Roberts – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Wasn’t planning on doing this one, but somehow got a piece from this puzzle in the box for Off to the Market. When I finished that puzzle I had to find out where the stray piece came from, and had to assemble Spitfires to be certain. I’ve gotten amnesia as to how I managed to get the pieces mixed up, but I’m used to dealing with my extremely “interesting” brain.

I’m also not really certain how the whimsies fit into the theme for this puzzle, but they look lovely for a trip to the beach, don’t they?

spitfires whimsies

I’d better get a move on and put together some more micro puzzles from Wentworth, I’m almost completely out of puzzles left in the queue! It’s a good thing I have plenty of them left to assemble. Sometimes having P.A.D.S. and the puzzle hoarding that goes along with it has it’s benefits. 😉

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