Mystery Box – A Lighter Shade of Pale

mystery puzzle 6

Many people have asked if this puzzle is all one color, so I’ve tried to get a picture that shows clearly the shades and streaks. I did the best I could with my cellphone camera, but had to adjust the contrast, light, and clarity so that the differences were clear. Even with my lack of photographic skills I think you can see above that it isn’t all just flat color.

The color line cutting can make things tricky, they made cuts directly along the lines of color separation to keep you guessing – and it works! From the look of the assembled sections so far we believe that this large lightly colored area is perhaps the sky portion of a much larger image. Of course we won’t know for sure until it’s finished, but it’s definitely keeping us guessing. 🙂

The mystery of this puzzle and the fun of sitting in front of it and searching for connections has kept me occupied this past week, and I’ve been neglecting all other puzzling. I haven’t finished any puzzles in more than 7 days now! 😱

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