Hero Worship

Hero Worship
Hero Worship by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

This is such a fun image, and it made for a great afternoon of puzzling. I love an interesting and different Wysocki, and I also very much enjoy a 300 piece Buffalo puzzle – and this was both. Nice!

I’m recovering from another surgery, so I’ve got a few posts already typed up and they’ve been scheduled to be published every day. Some of them are extremely short and sweet like this one and some are a bit longer; but don’t worry, I’ll be checking in every day when I’m feeling up to it, and will be back and posting lots and lots of words about all my puzzles very soon.😎


10 thoughts on “Hero Worship

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Ohh Stacey. Best of luck on your recovery! I certainly hope this one yields a better quality of life for you. I know you’ve been struggling with this pain for a very long time. I will pray that this time will be the one that makes a big, positive difference for you!



  2. urzre

    Nice you are feeling ok to keep your heart full of aspirations!
    May your surgeries be successful!
    Soon you will fly as the planes through the skies!


  3. BetsyThePuzzled

    Wishing you a good and swift recovery! Can’t wait to see the Sugar Magnolia puzzle done, so hope you’re back to puzzling soon!


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