I’m Having the Best Time!

Sugar Magnolia whimsies
Having fun with whimsies!

Well, I was right, hubby did get me the most expensive puzzle from my wishlist as a birthday present. I’m assembling it now and it’s coming together slowly, but slow is ok with me – I’m having the best time!

I tried to be upset with him, but I apparently misplaced my distress when I opened the box. Whoops. It’s called Sugar Magnolia from Liberty Puzzles and it’s GORGEOUS….


The artwork by Phil Lewis so beautiful and unusual – I love it! Though I don’t think I ever really would have bought it for myself. It’s one of those puzzles I put on my wishlist so I can look at it and sigh wistfully. (You know what I mean, right?) I’m so happy to have it, but I’m also upset with myself for not removing it from the list before I let hubby look at it. It makes no sense, does it? That’s me all over, nonsensical.

Nonsense aside, I am enjoying this puzzle so much! Mom came over to help me get started, and we had the best time spending several minutes just looking at the pieces. Then we poured them out onto a board and, oh my, there were so many! I’ve never had a wooden puzzle with this many pieces, there are almost 900. 😮

The pieces were all laid out, and then I put the box away. That’s part of the reason the assembly is going slowly – we’re not using the image. It makes the wooden puzzle experience last longer and gives me more time to look at and feel the pieces while I contemplate where they should go. I love being in the moment and focused only on the puzzle and it’s pieces. Heavenly!

I spent a bit of silly time setting up the picture above with a few of the whimsies. I have no explanation other than it made me smile. ☺ Adorable, aren’t they?

4 thoughts on “I’m Having the Best Time!

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Now there’s a challenge if I’ve ever seen one! The whimsies are really pretty. You are one lucky lady. A hubby who not only supports, but feeds your puzzle habit. Gotta love that!!! 🙂


  2. Ellen LoGiudice

    A belated Happy Birthday to you!
    Your Birthday puzzle just glows. Hubby made a great choice! I’ve got to try a Liberty Puzzle with those curly-cue pieces. I’ve only done some Wentworth puzzles which are great but have the more standard shapes.


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