Unknown Title

Unknown title, artist and manufacturer – 1000 pieces

Here’s another puzzle from several years ago, and I specifically remember the time frame and what was going on when I was assembling it. I don’t always remember the specific time, but I do with this puzzle – it was June of 2016. It seems odd that I don’t have the title or even the brand of the puzzle, but unfortunately I don’t have that information (even though I searched the internet for info on it). I wish I did, because this was so much fun to assemble; I’d love to be able to recommend it by name. 🙂

Even though this thrift store puzzle had two missing pieces it was so much fun! It was so long ago, and missing pieces, but I do recall that mom wanted me to keep it so she could assemble it even though it wasn’t complete. It may be hiding in the piles and piles of puzzles at mom’s house, but she’s in the process of moving, so finding it isn’t an option at the moment.

The great colors and all the wording made this puzzle both entertaining and challenging; and part of the reason mom wanted to assemble this even with missing pieces is because I enjoyed it so much. I don’t recall much about the actual quality of the puzzle, but the image is what made it so much fun to put together.

If you can find a title, artist, or manufacturer please let me know (I’m not great at finding things online, obviously). 🙂

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