Feeling Un-puzzley again

black and white blank challenge connect

I’ve been having a terrible month so far, and feeling so blah I don’t even want to pick out a puzzle to work on. I have several puzzles to review, and plenty of other puzzles as well. Problem is my medication is fogging up my brain and I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the moment, not even a puzzle.

What puzzle are you working on? I need some inspiration.

20 thoughts on “Feeling Un-puzzley again

  1. rleedee

    So sorry to hear this Stacey. I enjoy reading your blog regularly, and I hope you get your puzzling mojo back very soon. I just finished Games We Played (White Mountain). I know how you like collages! Feel better soon. -Ronda


    1. Thanks Ronda! I worked on that collage a couple of years ago, but didn’t finish it. It was one of the puzzles in the jury room while I was waiting to see if we were going to be chosen for jury duty. I started it alone, and then several people started helping. I was having fun, and was bummed I didn’t get to finish it. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten it for myself! I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


      1. rleedee

        It was fun, although I occasionally feel like the collage ones become a bit similar. I had done Cereal Boxes (also by Charlie Girard) just a few weeks ago, and it felt almost like doing the same puzzle. I think I need to spread them out a bit with variety in between! That is one of the great things about puzzles… there are so many to choose from!


      1. Normally, when I am done a puzzle, I put it back in the box and give it away. In the case we are talking about….well, that puzzle went in the garbage and was taken outside immediately.


  2. Ellen LoGiudice

    I just finished Marjolein Bastin’s Summer Blooms. Lovely birds and flowers. At 300 pieces it was a nice break from the larger piece count puzzles. Though I guess now I’ll move on to a Fall theme. Too early for Halloween?


    1. I have Summer Blooms in my to do pile! It looks lovely! 🙂

      It is NEVER too early for Halloween! I’ve already done a fall puzzle, and have just finished a candy puzzle that has me in the mood for the holiday as well. I wish I had more Halloween puzzles here at the house. 🎃


  3. Brain fog is no fun. I like to also do simple beading/jewelry making. Often, I cannot concentrate but I spend time with my beads anyway. Perhaps some simple organizing of different types, or just refamiliarizing myself with my stock and touching the beads. Hope you are able to focus soon!


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