Basketball – Ravensburger – 54 pieces

This was a very fun, cool little 3D puzzle. I don’t know why I wanted this one so much, I’m not really a basketball fan. It just seemed like it would be extremely entertaining to assemble, and it was!

This was the first new 3D puzzle I’ve assembled, and the quality is excellent. The previous ones I’ve assembled have all been from the thrift store and seemed quite the worse for wear. They may have been taken apart too roughly; the pieces fit together tightly and care must used when taking them apart. The plastic pieces fit together extremely well, and even though there are only 54 pieces it took a little bit of time to assemble.

These 3D puzzles are numbered on the back, and below each number is an arrow showing which direction the next piece should go. I use the numbers to sort into groups of ten, and then turn over each group for assembly.

The basketball was a little challenging to assemble for obvious reasons, but I enjoyed myself very much. 😁🏀

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