Christmas Puzzle Ball Set

Xmas Puzzle Ball
Christmas Puzzle Ball Set – Ravensburger – 27 pieces each (108 pieces)

Mom found these at the thrift store for 99 cents – brand new in the wrapper! With a larger 3D puzzle I usually have to use the numbers on the back to help with the assembly. With these though, I used only the image. It made it more difficult with the blue snowy sections, but I was pretty darned proud when I got them put together.

There are two images on each ornament, here’s the other side…

Xmas Puzzle Ball 1

They were engrossing and entertaining, exactly what I needed that day. They remind me of my mom – but in a happy way. She always was the best at finding us great deals on puzzles, and this was no different.



Lighthouse – Ravensburger 3D – 216 pieces

Mom found this 3D puzzle at the thrift store, unfortunately it was missing not only 7 pieces it was also missing the top of the lighthouse with the lights in it. It was kind of a bummer all around, but those are the chances we take. 😉

The tube shape was difficult to work with, I found it much more difficult than working with an orb shape…

Lighthouse 2

Once I got one side connected properly it would pop out the opposite side, so very annoying! I much prefer regular jigsaw puzzles laid flat on the board.

Lighthouse 1

Seven missing pieces on the top section – I think they must be wherever the very top of the lighthouse is. 😦

Lighthouse box

This is what it should look like when completed. I think I really would have enjoyed seeing the lights. Bummer.