Reef Fish (2)

Reef Fish (2) – Lafayette Puzzle Factory – 500 pieces

I loved this puzzle! You’re shocked right? It’s just so hard to believe. 😉

Perhaps my love of collages has something to do with how much I enjoy these puzzles. The fun of assembling a collage for me is finding and putting together each small section at a time; it’s like having a bunch of mini puzzles that all connect together. Even when I’m not feeling well and can’t puzzle for long periods of time I can assemble a little part of the puzzle and it feels more like an accomplishment when I see one section finished.

The only difference here is that these small “sections” don’t connect together. You can separate them by the colored backing and put together one whole little puzzle and you have a sense of completion – for me it’s wonderfully entertaining and I can’t get enough of them.

The big girl with the large mouth is my favorite, the colors and overall look of the fish just make me smile. (I’ve made this fish female in my mind because the colors are so pretty. Could be wrong, but she’s a she to me 🙂 ) The box tells me that she is a Picasso Triggerfish – what a fabulous name! From my small amount of research online I have found that she’s an aggressive carnivore that can sometimes be quite small – that definitely sounds like a few females I know! I think she’s beautifully colored and it definitely made for a fun assembly.

Sadly, I only have one more of these shaped puzzles yet to assemble. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the others, they really are such a good time!

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