Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep by Brooke Faulder – Bits and Pieces – 1000 pieces

I had a terrible time assembling this puzzle, and didn’t enjoy it much at all. It had nothing to do with the subject matter, it was all about the fit of the pieces and quality of the cut. 😐

This was the last puzzle from the 3-in-1 box of dog puzzles from Bits and Pieces, and I’m glad that I didn’t assemble this one first. The other two puzzles in this box were good quality and I had a great time putting them together; if I had completed this one first I don’t know if I would have done the others. I think part of the reason the picture is so haphazard is that I didn’t enjoy assembling it, and I just wanted to get a quick picture to send to mom to show it was finished.

The fit was extremely loose, and accidentally bumping any part of the puzzle with an arm or anything else would upset several pieces or even an entire section. I don’t know if the pieces and tabs being so square in shape had anything to do with the looseness of the fit or if it was the cutting itself. Whichever it was, it made for a terrible assembly.

It’s been fun going down memory lane with these older puzzles I’ve done, but it has also shown me how much my injury and the chronic pain that it has brought has slowed my puzzling down. I used to be able to assemble a 1000 piece puzzle in two days, maybe three; and I used to do several of them each week. Nowadays opening the box of a 1000 piece puzzle causes me anxiety and stress.

On the brighter side, I recently completed a 1000 piece puzzle for review, so here’s hoping I’m able to attempt another one soon, purely for recreational purposes. ☺

9 thoughts on “Counting Sheep

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Stacey, I am so glad to hear you are starting to do some 1,000 piecers again! Woo hoo. That must mean you’re feeling at least a tiny bit better, right? That’s awesome!!


  2. Nancy

    I worked the 500-piece puzzle and disliked it intensely. I LOVE the artwork, but the pieces fit very loosely. I felt like if I just breathed on them, they’d move! It’s hard to hold your breath and work, ha. Smiles, Nancy

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