Colorful Glass

Colorful Glass – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

This puzzle was much more fun than I anticipated, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought; and finding all the different colors kept my mind engaged. I definitely recommend it!

It was great quality, which makes me very happy. I’ve worked some Milton Bradley puzzles lately with questionable quality, but this one was great. The pieces were a good thickness with a very nice feel. There were an excellent variety of shapes and the fit was great as well. Excellent all around quality. 👍

Mom has a White Mountain puzzle with a marble image, and I’ve never had the urge to assemble it at all. Usually they’re ones I stay away from. Having only 300 pieces, this marble puzzle seemed achievable – and it was! I can’t really say what my process was assembling this puzzle, because it’s one of those images where you don’t get to put together large sections at a time. It was great fun though.

Interestingly, I’m working on another marble image puzzle today and YIKES – it’s really difficult! I love the image itself, but the fact that it only has one piece shape makes it much harder than it would be otherwise. (I’m reviewing it, so don’t look for a favorable review – it won’t be getting one)

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